Up and around Pushkar.

I caved in. Fudge ayurveda and the cramps in my tummy, give me some antibiotics! It did get better 🙂
We didn’t do much these days as my love affair with the toilet was pretty hot.
But today we rented a scooter and went exploring the outskirts of Pushkar. We even found a desert! We roamed bad road full of holes and got lost among the local villages. The kids were waving and giving us a high fives. Quite hurtful fives they were, those kiddos can punch 🙂
5 tourist guides emerged when we got to the Shiva temple. Non was above 12, of course. They performed an offering of flowers to their gods and we had to give Rs 30 on the donation box. Noooo, not in the box, because it was locked. But hey, they did their job 🙂
We stopped for some chai and exchanged the a few words with the shopkeeper. He got married at 16 and his wife was 13, he is now 23 and has two children, one is 6 and one is 4. Yikes, the tradition in Indian villages!
Oh, and my headstand is getting better. Maybe it’s practice, maybe it’s Pushkar vibe 🙂

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