Walking tours in Kathmandu.

”I’ve been a tourist guide for more than 35 years.”

says Mic and smiles at me with confidence. It’s one of our games, pretending we know everything about this city. Inventing stories that might be true but are mostly not.

One day we did a small walking tour that was in Lonely Planet, no tourists around (this time around there are almost no tourists in Kathmandu), discovering big temples in someones courtyard, weird sexual scenes on the wood outside the temple or small shrines in the middle of the road. We had also seen the living goddess ot Kumari. It seem almost surreal that in the year of 2071 (yes, Nepalis start to count the years from the ruling of the first king), in a capital city, in a modern city, they still have something like this. Kumari is chosen among 500 girls in a ceremony where they have 200 buffaloes and chicken and scary masks and it lasts quite some time. And the braves is the Kumari. She is a goddess till her first period and then se returns to her normal life. Whatever that might be. Some have problems even walking because her movement is restricted to her house and a couple of visits in festival time. She can be seen in her courtyard but can’t be photographed.

I was kinda excited when she showed her face, she lookeda bit gloomy but hey, what can you expect.

We also visited Swayambhunath or the tourist call it the monkey temple. The stupa is beautiful and the monkeys have a lot of cute youngsters. Take a look!

PS: If you want a real tour with a good cause take a look at LoveKathmandu tours. The profit goes to charity projects in Kathmandu.

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  1. Hi guys – I help manage a Kathmandu walking tour which is used to fundraise for well run grassroots education projects in Kathmandu. We are 100% a social enterprise with all the profit going back to these causes. I was wondering if you could mention the business in your post here. IS that possible?


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