Water coconuts in Mekong Delta.

After we stayed for the food festival one extra day in HCM, we didn’t have much time left for Mekong Delta. For the first time in Vietnam, we used the local buses. It takes more time but it’s much cheaper. For Ben Tre you can go with a local bus for (5000D) to one of the main stations and then use a bus for 50.000D or 75.000D (this one has ac and drops you wherever you want).

Beautiful boat ride on the small canals.
We wanted to stay close to the river so we found a nice guesthouse in a village on the way from My Tho to Ben Tre, called Thao Nhi (in Chau Tanh),rooms for 8-15$. We bicycled through the small paths surrounded with water coconuts, dragon fruit plantations and rice fields with our firends Bri and Tom. It was very nice and peaceful, the food is good and coffee is so cheap.
We took a boat ride (35$ for 2) and cruised the small river canals, visited the coconut candy factory, honey orchard and ‘coconut monk”s island which was almost deserted at sunset time.water coconutsare everywhere! They grow on the river banks to stop the erosion, and they can make roof from their leaves. It’s so relaxed, just the opposite from the busy Ho Chi Minh.

Cycling around.

We concluded our Vietnam visit with a nice evening out with new Vietnamese friends, took a morning bus (10000D to the airport (starts driving quite early 6-7 am) and flew over the typhoon, called Ruby and now we’re already enjoying the Philippines! 🙂

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