We’re not going to Australia.

As I’ve written in one of the previous posts, we won the Big Blog Exchange, one of the biggest blog challenges worldwide. There were around 700 blogs competing and we were chosen as one of the 16 blogs. Omg, I can’t tell you how good it feels to be appreciated. We try so hard and push ourselves, and of course enjoy every minute. But we also spend a lot of time taking pictures, movies, editing, writing. Mic writes his blog in Slovenian, I write in English. We have a FB page for his blog and I run our Instagram. And then someone told us about this competition and we said: what the hell! Let’s try it! We didn’t really expect to win, Slovenia is just too small to be recognized. But we know we work with passion and we’re proud of our work.

And we did it! 🙂

But there is two of us and only one position for exchange with Jono from Australia. It’s like this. We are a team, we both work on this blog. And we just don’t have the money to pay the plane ticket and costs of life for one more person for 10 days in Australia. And we had to pull out of the exchange. We are very sad because for a moment it all seemed like a dream.
We’re so thankful the jury to have chosen us and we wish all the best to the person who’s going to Australia.

We also bought some arak to drown our sorrow 😀

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  1. I think it woud be fair for them to pay for the both of you. Or for Slovenia to pay for one person. If they woud pay for athletes or artists why not bloggers??? Have you tired asking them?

    Anyways, enyoy the arak :);

    • Hi! We do agree with that! 😉 Well, we asked but TBBE couldn’t change the rules and we had only two days for finding a solution. But another company did approach us after the news and we may have something even more special coming soon 🙂 Thanks for your support!

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