What about Andaman islands?

Not long ago, the airline tickets from Europe to Andaman islands were very cheap, just around 500 $ for both ways. We would love to visit this island paradise which is still not overflowing with tourists again. So why don’t you? 🙂

If you still haven’t checked where are Andaman islands, here’s the map. Press the zoom out and you might be surprised 🙂

We already made a budget itinerary for Andaman islands and a short guide about Andaman islands, but here are some ideas on what to do:

  • What is what? Andaman islands are a group of islands of which you can enter only some. You’ll arrive on the main island, in Port Blair. Don’t spend too much time here, just buy the ticket to another island and enjoy the real paradise. Havelock is the most touristic island 8still not much). It has some restaurants, some dive centres, big local market and even a night club. You can rent a bike and explore the island and see all the nice beaches. Neil is a smaller island with a lot less people than Havelock. A paradise. Few restaurants are attached to guesthouses, a small local market, and the best way to move around is by bicycle.
  • Take the time. Time moves very slow on Andaman islands. So order lunch at breakfast and order dinner at lunch. This is the best recipe for not being hungry. Sometimes they even have to fish first and get some veggies from the neighbour before the cooking starts.
  • Cash out. Smaller islands don’t have ATMs so bring cash. We had to leave Neil’s island (May 2014) because we didn’t have cash anymore.
  • Go offline. There’s almost no internet. And if it is, it’s veeeeeery slow. Buy your airplane tickets in advance and go offline.
  • Underwater. Andaman islands are a diving paradise with cheap prices and loads of dive sites with not a lot of people. Diving instructors are skilled and very friendly Indian people. Good place to start your diving career.
  • Drive around. Rent a bike and explore the islands. Don’t forget to pick some mangoes from the tree for snack.
  • And never forget. When you enter Andaman islands, you’ll get a paper of Andaman ‘visa’. Do not, I repeat, do not loose it! You can’t get out without it. (Can’t get out of paradise… Hmm, tempting).

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