White beauty. White temple.

Snowy white temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

Ooops, I forgot to post the last part of our roadtrip 🙂

After Mai Salong we decided it was time for Chiang Rai. We changed two songthaews (60 B + 30 B) and found a cheap room near the police station (Ban Lotus gueshouse, 200 B). The city is cute but and there’s lots to see but we were kinda concentrated on one thing – THE White temple. Chananaaaa! There’s a local bus going there from the bus station (20 B). The cheap way for those who like budget traveling 🙂

White temle and its reflection in the pond. Chiang Rai, Thailand

See the fish?


The white temple is magnificent. Truly beautiful in all its white glory. Glass particles are sparkling in the sun and there is no contrast with the white smoky sky. It’s mesmerizing. Inside the main temple the artist drew a painting with such details (not to mention the abstractness, hellokitties, the Matrix and all the good stuff mixed with Buddhism). Crazy! Inside the pond there are white and black fish and the whole temple is about the good/evil. It’s definitely a must-see in Thailand.

Hello little man!

I’m kinda envious of all who get to see it in the blue skied background.

Some pictures of white temple

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