Who are we?

Hello there, we are Katja and Mic, We Just Travel travel blog team, and we love to travel. Kind of simple 🙂 Check out our live Instagram feed on @wejusttravel.

We started our big 18-month adventure in Asia in the beginning of 2014 with a month in Sri Lanka, then used lots of toilet paper in 4 months in India (1 amazing month on Andaman islands), hiked in Nepal, ate everything in Thailand and went from living in the muddy jungle of Mentawai to a cute house in Bali. We’ve sat on every local bus on Flores and snorkeled trough beautiful coral reefs of the remote Banda islands. We’ve paid respect to Myanmar’s stupas and did an amazing trek in Hsipaw highlands, enjoyed sweet Vietnamese iced coffee and even tried the duck embryo in Philippines. Taking it easy for two months in northern Thailand regained our strength so we continued to explore Laos’s sandwiches before heading back to south of Thailand to find the best Thai island. Cherry on top was beautiful Japan.

Now we are all over, traveling in Europe, exploring our beautiful little country Slovenia and going back to Asia as much as we can.

The meaning of life.

We like to sit in the little street restaurants and talk to locals, bicycle trough the city and mostly eat 🙂 We love the seafood that usually comes with white sandy beaches and blue sea. Taking it slow and with an open mind.

Picture of us before we went traveling. Velenje, Slovenia.

Us. A week before we left Slovenia for more than a year of traveling.