Zreče and Pohorje, best places for an active summer!

We’ve been away from home for quite some time now and from time to time, of course we miss our home country Slovenia. Usually at the start of a new season when everyone is so happy that spring finally came or that first day of summer when everyone knows that vacation is just around the corner 🙂 So, if you love nature and hiking, why not spend it in our beautiful country? 🙂

Zreče Pohorje, lake and nature in May.

An active summer in the heart of Pohorje

Zreče Pohorje is the perfect destination for those keen on spending an active summer in the heart of nature. This idyllic location provides many opportunities for sporting activities, from hiking and cycling, to water activities in one of the outside pools, beach volleyball, Nordic walking, fishing and golfing. Anyone who loves nature and lives an active lifestyle can find an activity that suits their taste and desires.

What to do first?

For families or individuals looking for an active way to spend their free time or family vacation, Zreče Pohorje is the perfect place where they can enjoy activities that are adapted to all generations. Sporty individuals, searching for some exciting activities in the midst of untamed nature, can choose between a number of adrenaline filled activities to blow off some steam. On the other hand there are equally as many opportunities to relax and take a break. In every way, Zreče Pohorje is the ultimate getaway from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Hiking or cycling trail in Zreče Pohorje (Slovenia) in March.


A number of hiking trails and paths surround Zreče, where vacationers can take relaxed walks or set on long hikes along the local landmarks. The many footpaths will take them to discover local forests, take a stroll around the Zreče Lake, walk through the paved city streets and promenades or visit nearby vineyards.
For those in search of something more challenging, hiking onto the nearby hills offers an exciting experience. Whether it is enjoying the serene scenery of the mountains and being one with the boulders, or just visiting an alpine hut to enjoy local cuisine and chat about Slovenian customs and folklore, no day spent hiking is ever wasted.

Nordic walking

Nordic walking is another great and popular way to exercise while enjoying the picturesque environment. Grabbing a couple of poles and heading into the great unknown can lead one to find great and unexpected things.


Zreče Pohorje also offers numerous cycling trails and opportunities for adrenaline filled experiences, either by choosing to follow the marked trails, using the assistance of contemporary satellite navigation systems or by being assisted by the local cycling guides.
Going on a cycling adventure through the rich forests and mountain trails from Zreče to Rogla, which entails about 15 kilometers of exciting bike riding, is an unbelievable experience that shouldn’t be written about, but rather experienced firsthand. And for those craving maximum adrenaline, Rogla Biking Park offers six trails (together measuring about 7.500 meters) of different difficulties, where some invigorating mountain biking can be enjoyed.
Even though Zreče Pohorje is the ultimate playground for sports junkies, those who prefer a more relaxed cycling trip can still explore the beautiful Zreče and its surroundings, by going sightseeing or visiting one of the local tourist farms, where they can enjoy an authentic home-made meal, while being seduced by the vast views of the romantic vineyards above Slovenske Konjice.

Beautiful waterfall in Zreče Pohorje (Slovenia).

And relaxation …

After a good hike or cycling trip, nothing feels as refreshing as jumping into a pool or sitting by the lake, rod in hand, not really worrying about the daily catch, but simply enjoying the serene sound of birds tweeting, frogs ribbiting and crickets chirping …
And after such immense relaxation, one surely has collected enough energy to enjoy a game of volleyball or golf with friends!
Now that’s what you call a vacation! All summer long and even throughout the rest of the year, Zreče Pohorje offers a lot to those who wish to spend their leisure time in the untamed nature, exploring and enjoying all the possibilities that it has to offer.

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